Not divorced yet, she can’t marry anyone else: Husband of woman who went to Pak

By Press Trust of India: The husband of Indian woman Anju, who has travelled legally to a remote Pakistan village to meet her Facebook friend, said Thursday they are not divorced yet and hence she cannot marry the man from across the border.

“Anju has said she submitted divorce papers in Delhi three years ago but I have not received any summons or notice from the court yet. On papers, she is still my wife. She cannot marry anyone else. The government should get the matter investigated,” Anju’s husband Arvind Kumar told reporters in Alwar.

According to a report,, Anju (34) married her Facebook friend in Pakistan after converting to Islam and now has a new name, Fatima.

Kumar said on Thursday the government should also investigate her passport and visa documents to check if she used fake documents and signatures to travel to Pakistan.

“She did not inform me about for getting the visa process done,” he said, adding he will file an FIR in the matter after she returns to India.

He said his daughter has denied accepting Anju as her mother and it will be difficult for him to settle with her in such a scenario.

Asked about claims that Anju could be mentally disturbed and eccentric, Kumar said she used to get tensed due to work but he never imagined she would take such a step!

He said theirs was an arranged marriage and she used to get along with the children well. He said if Anju intended to do anything she would get it done.

Kumar said children should live with him and the government should cancel her visa and passport and not allow her to go.

Anju (34) was born in Kailor village in Uttar Pradesh and lived in Alwar district of Rajasthan. She and Pakistani national Nasrulla (29) became friends on Facebook in 2019.

Anju has travelled to Upper Dir district in the tribal Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

province on a valid visa to meet Nasrulla.

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