August 31, 1983, Forty Years Ago: Satellite Launch

India’s second three-segment multipurpose satellite Insat-1B has successfully blasted off, aboard the space shuttle Challenger from Kennedy Space Centre in the US. The launch generated an atmosphere of joy and careful optimism at the master control facility at Hassan.

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Pakistan Violence

More than 40 people were injured in clashes between demonstrators and the police in Hala in Sind province. About 40,000 demonstrators gathered in Hala, and two banks and a post office were burnt when they attacked a truckload of riot police. The demonstration in Hala was in support of local religious leader and Pakistan Peoples Party supporter Pir Talibul Maula.

Sri Lanka Talks

The Indian Prime Minister’s special envoy  G Parthasarathy held talks with the opposition Tamil United Liberation Front leaders immediately after his 70-minute meeting with the Sri Lankan President. This has raised expectations of common ground between the Sinhalese and Tamil leaderships.

SC Against Dowry

The Supreme Court held that any property or valuable security “if consented to be given on demand” would become dowry under the Dowry Prohibition Act. It was not necessary that dowry should be demanded or an agreement struck at the time of marriage. Mere demand for money at a future date would constitute an offence, the SC held.

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